Gold Color:

1. Q: The item I want to purchase is not the gold
color I want. How do I get the gold color that I want?

A: We have yellow, white, and rose gold of
each of our items on our website. If an item is white gold, and you would like
it in yellow or rose gold please let us know upon checkout and we will ship out
to you your appropriate gold color.


2. Q: Can the basket or crown of where the center
stone is set, be changed to fit a different shape stone?

A: The basket or crown can be changed to fit
your desirable diamond shape. If we state that a setting me be set with a
certain diamond shape(s), upon check out please contact us of the diamond shape
you would like in your setting, and we would certainly make the adjustment for

Engagement Rings with G.I.A Certified Diamond Report:

3. Q: How do I receive a G.I.A. Diamond Report with
my purchase?

A: Once you purchase a setting, please visit
our Loose Diamond catalog. Select your diamond. The diamond that your purchase
will always include the Gemological Laboratory that certified the diamond. It
can be G.I.A or A.G.S. and many other leading gemological laboratories.



4. Q: I want to purchase a pair of diamond stud
earrings; however, it is in a pushback mounting. How can DiamondsLine do the
change for me?

A: If you purchase a pair of earrings and
want us to change the backing, please contact us upon check out and will may
certainly does this for you.


5. Q: How may I go about receiving a longer or
shorter chain with my diamond pendant?

A: Every pendant has the chain length listed
in the description of the item. If you would like a smaller or longer length
other than the one listed, please contact us upon checkout, and we will ship
out your pendant with the adjusted chain length.

Ladies and Men’s Diamond Bracelets:

6. Q: I want to buy a diamond bracelet but the
length I need is smaller than the size of that bracelet, can DiamondsLine make
the bracelet shorter or longer?

A: Most of our bracelets have an average
length of seven or eight inches. If you need a smaller size, please contact us
upon check out and we will adjust the size of the bracelet, to fit your needs.
The part of the bracelet that we removed will be shipped to you with your


Ring Sizes:
7. Q: I do not see the ring size that I need, can
DiamondsLine make any ring size?

A: If a ring size that you require is not
listed, please contact us by email prior to your purchase, of the intended
size, so we may inspect the ring and determine if we can resize the ring to
your requested size.



8. Q: Are all of the sunglasses on our website are
100% authentic?

A: We are authorized retailers of all the
brands we carry. If you are looking for a certain model of sunglasses amongst
the brands we carry, that we do not have on our website; please inquire with us
and will do our best to find the model you have requested. All of our
sunglasses come with a one year warranty. If your sunglasses are accidentally
damaged, please contact us for your replacement pair.


9. Q: Will I receive a certificate of appraisal for
every article of jewelry that I purchase?

A: Yes, for every article of jewelry you
purchase from our website, a certificate of appraisal will be included with
your purchase.

Appraisal will contain the following

· Your Full Name and Address.

· Description of item.

· Picture of Jewelry being appraised.

· Appraised Value.

· Signature of our Gemological Appraiser.

15- Day Return:

10. Q: I made a purchase and I would like to return
it. What should I do?

A: If you make a purchase with us and are

not satisfied with your purchase please contact us within fifteen days of
receiving your item for a return authorization report.

Upon receiving your item, we will inspect it;
once it arrives in the condition we sent it to you, we will accept your return
and issue a full refund.  If item you
purchased has been adjusted in any shape or form not by us, we reserve the right
to accept the return, charge a 15% restocking fee, or deny the return based on
the condition of the item.


Warranty on all purchases:


11. Q: Does DiamondsLine warranty the jewelry I have

A:  We warranty the following on all purchases you make with us:

· Center stone is loose.

· Side Diamond(s) have fallen out.

· Chain needs to be soldered.

· Prong(s) broken off.

· Bail on pendant has broken off.

· The clasp on the chain or bracelet is loose, broken, or needs to be tightened.

· Jewelry needs to be polished.

If any of the above occurs with your jewelry purchased from us, please ship it to us, and will do all necessary
repairs, free of charge, for you, and ship it back to you.


Prior to shipping any item that needs repair, contact us first, so we may anticipate the delivery of your
jewelry, repair it and ship back to you as soon its repaired.